Use leasing to finance your equipment purchase

Announces Our Tax Cut Celebration!

Discount terms and conditions:

Please follow these simple steps to qualify for your 10% discount.

1. Obtain a proposal from Best Business Phones for a new Panasonic Phone System to replace an existing telephone system.

2. Demonstrate that your company has provided a minimum 10% increase in wages to at least the lower paid half of its workforce.

    This can be done by publishing an announcement on public media such as your company website or Facebook page.

3.  We will apply the 10% discount to the proposal.  All phone system proposals assume using the existing cabling and jacks already in place.

     Additional charges will apply for installation of new cable and jacks.

Best Business Phones wants to make it easier to put your new small business tax cut to its intended use of increasing investment in new equipment and investing in increased wages for employees.

We are now offering a 10% discount on all new phone systems purchased to replace a current system to any small business that provides a minimum 10% pay increase to at least the lower paid half of its workforce.

Business Telephone Systems For Orange County

Panasonic KX-NS700

Smart Hybrid IP-PBX System

Choose from these great Panasonic Business Phone Systems!

We offer lease to purchase plans to make your new investment even easier!