SIP Trunking For IP PBX

Partnership for Success

With the emergence of low-cost broadband and VoIP-enabled data networks, SIP Trunking is rapidly becoming the standard for business premises phone system communication. The Nextiva SIP Trunking solution allows small and midsized businesses to experience communications that are cost effective and feature rich, as well as providing  an enhanced voice calling experience.

SIP Trunking has proven to increase return on investment and save companies money on local and long distance calling. It enables customers to take the calls that are important to their business while filtering out the interruptions so they can stay focused on what’s important – the clients. Panasonic has selected Nextiva to be its preferred partner carrier for SIP Trunks.  As a Nextiva authorized Channel Partner, Best Business Phones can combine your Panasonic IP-PBX System with the economical and reliable VoIP based SIP Trunks that thousands of businesses are relying on.



Nextiva SIP Trunking brings unlimited local and long distance calls directly to an office’s existing phone system, saving companies time and replacement costs. In addition to saving customers money, Nextiva SIP Trunking exceeds the level of call quality that businesses typically expect from their phone service provider. SIP Trunking is built upon Nextiva’s award-winning NextOS communications platform and is tailored to meet the specific needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Nextiva SIP Trunking can deliver SIP connect compliant SIP trunks and enhanced services over any IP access, including T1/E1, DSL and Ethernet.


Nextiva SIP Trunking Benefits

Not all SIP trunking service providers are alike! Nextiva SIP Trunking is a truly unique solution that saves customers up to 80% on their phone bill – without the necessity of replacing phone numbers or equipment.


Nextiva customers receive:

• Secure Connection – Leverage existing Internet connections to modernize an entire office through the robust, protected NextOS 3.0 technology platform.

• Affordable Plans – With unlimited local and long distance calls, your business will save money on all of your communications.

• Keep Your Existing Device – Nextiva SIP Trunking integrates with current phone systems and PBX equipment so you don’t incur switching costs.

• Time Savings – Dedicated and knowledgeable technicians combined with an easy-to-use system allow for a simple, quick setup process.

• Sophisticated Features – Receive big business features at a small business price.

• Unparalleled Service – The Nextiva Amazing Service™ team is available for any questions or setup needs



Nextiva SIP Trunking delivers an easily deployable, economical, and proven path for companies to experience a strong and reliable VoIP infrastructure.

What Is SIP Trunking?

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