Panasonic Multi Cell Wireless Station Unit

Antenna for the Panasonic wireless DECT system
Panasonic DECT wireless station on a table

For Use On The KX-TDA, KX-TDE, KX-NCP and KX-NS Systems

IP PBX Multi-Cell Wireless option allows voice and data transmission via radio waves, within the range of strategically placed cell stations (antennas). As you move throughout the coverage area, the system provides seamless communication by automatically handing off the call from cell station to cell station. There are four Multi-Cell wireless handsets, the KX-WT125/126, the KX-TCA185, the compact KX-TCA285 and the ruggedized KX-TCA385.  The handsets can be registered on multiple systems.  Your wireless handset can be set to operate as its own extension on the phone system, or it can be set in parallel mode to your desk phone so that it rings whenever your desk extension is called.   Multi-Cell Wireless is a low-cost and highly flexible solution that keeps people connected whether they are on the factory floor, in the warehouse, in a showroom or just about anywhere on site.

Panasonic DECT Cell Sites are placed for use with DECT phones