Panasonic KX-TGP550 Cordless SIP Telephone System

Panasonic KX-TGP550 Cordless SIP Telephone System for Hosted VoIP PBX Systems

SIP IP Expandable Cordless Phone System with
Corded Handset Base Station and 1 Cordless Handset


  • One button Call Transfer

  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

  • Ethernet Pass-through port

KX-TPA50 Handsets

Panasonic KX-TPA50 Handset for Orange County Hosted VoIP PBX Systems

This system is for Hosted PBX Services. Conveniently, one ethernet drop will allow you to support up to 6 total handsets with only an electrical outlet nearby. This system also enables you to arrange convenient services provided by the carrier such as Call Forward, VoiceMail etc. Also, the SIP Cordless Phone system can be used as a wireless terminal for your larger SIP deployments.

Support for 3 simultaneous network conversations.
The SIP Cordless Phone System allows three simultanous calls while handling all the intercom and internal calls without utilizing any bandwidth.

G.711a-law / G.711µ-law / G.722(wideband) / G.729a / G.726(32K) used as CODEC
This system uses G.711a-law / G.711µ-law / G.722(wideband) / G.729a / G.726(32K) codecs. Making the most use of its bandwidth, these codecs are designed for efficient data communication.

DECT radio technology
DECT Cordless Handset Technology is used as the handset of its sub-phone. Unlike before, there is no need for you to connect a LAN cable with every telephone. Worldwide-reputed Panasonic's handset, which has a large white LCD, Calling Status Display Function, etc., is user-friendly designed.

Up to 6 DECT cordless handsets
The SIP Cordless Phone System expands up to 6 total TPA50 handsets.

Support for up to 8 SIP registrations (e.g. up to 8 Direct Inward Dialing Lines or Extensions)
SIP Cordless Phone System allows you to have up to eight (8) phone numbers.You can set up in several ways: for example, you can set the phone number for each handset. Or you can group the handsets by group setting and direct the incoming calls to the specific handsets.