Panasonic Communication Assistant Computer Telephony Integration Software

Integrates with ACT! and Goldmine
and adds Dial Toolbar to Outlook              

Communication Assistant Software* is an exciting array of highly intuitive, feature rich Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software applications that are designed to drastically improve your communication, and help you get the most out of your Panasonic KX-NS700 Smart Hybrid System, KX-NCP Pure IP Hybrid System or KX-TDE Converged IP-PBX System.
Highly desirable features such as; PC point and click call control; PC point and click voice mail operation; real-time view of all phone activities for managers and team leaders; wizards to help with most common telephony operations; and ACD Supervisor Monitor combine to make the Communication Assistant applications an indispensable business productivity tool.
4 Applications:
Communication Assistant Basic for personal productivity (easy access to phone features) 
Communication Assistant Pro for enhanced capabilities (view other extensions status, enhanced contact list and call history)
Communication Assistant Supervisor (Listen/monitor extensions, real-time ACD call status board)
Communication Assistant Operator Console (Permits more efficient handling of a large volume of call traffic including parked calls. Drag and drop call transfer makes for fast and effective call handling)
Communication Assistant Features: Confirm colleague availability and presence (helps in determining who is available to handle calls before you decide to call them, greatly reducing the number of unanswered calls) - Easy access to system phone functions (wizards appear as and when you need them, helping you with most common telephony features like Transfer, Forward, Do-Not Disturb, Hold, Park, and Conference call set up) - Integration with IP camera (Panasonic IP camera can also be integrated, allowing users to answer a door phone and open the door after viewing the IP camera video feed on screen) - Dial easily through your database (users can create their own business and private contacts, show the presence and availability of all co-workers or they can simply dial external business contacts by double-clicking. The software can utilize Outlook address books for contact lists) -Record conversations directly into Voice Mail and operate voice mail from PC**.
*License activation required. **Optional LAN card required for KX-TVA50.

Operate Voice Mail from PC

Except on KX-NS700, use the Microsoft Outlook plugin

ACD Call Supervisor