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Audio Conferencing


ExpressCall is ConferTel's full-featured, automated teleconferencing service with instant access, toll-free dial and is completely reservation-less. ExpressCall is the ideal conferencing service for your everyday communication needs. Whether you use conferencing a little or a lot, pay only for minutes used with our flat per-minute, per-line rate.


ConferTel streamlines large-scale and high profile conference calls that require special attention. EventCall dedicated specialists are available to help you plan and execute a worry-free conferencing event from start to finish. Supporting up to 4,000 participants, ConferTel offers a scalable solution to meet every conferencing need.


Your conferencing experience needs to be productive. ConferTel has the systems and services to make that happen. Their CallAssist conferencing services focus on providing personalized service, competitive rates, call security, detailed billing and enhanced call options all to ensure you have the most successful conference call possible.


Virtual Attendant; Everything An Operator Can Do...And More!
Why pay operator-assisted rates when you can get more features for less. Virtual Attendant offers you flexibility and personalized assistance at a price that fits your budget. And with instant access, there's no more waiting for that 'next available' operator. Take command of your conferences to ensure success.


Voice Broadcast; Direct, Personal, High-Impact and Cost-Effective!
A better alternative to direct mail, email or print media. Ten messages for the price of a single postage stamp. ConferTel's high-volume, automated Voice Broadcast service delivers pre-recorded voice messages to any size list of phone numbers, enabling users to communicate personally and effectively with many individuals at once. Fully interactive! In addition to delivering the message, they can record, route and fulfill caller responses, e.g. they can collect data, forward an inquiry to a call center or agent, place them in a live call or deliver to a menu-driven application.


Web Conferencing


IPXpress; Enhancing the Way You Do Business

IPXpress is a unique web conferencing tool that allows you to share anything on your computer with anyone via the Internet, from PowerPoint presentations and documents, to Web tours and software demonstrations, without ever leaving your desk.


i-Present; An Easy And Cost-Effective Way To Run Web Meetings
i-Present is a professional yet affordable service for conducting everyday web meetings. Participants need only a browser. You control what they see, and when they see it. ConferTel's i-Present is simple and practical to use.
i-Present delivers the features necessary for a successful online meeting and can be readily used by people of all skill levels without training.


i-Present Pro; A Cost-Effective Way To Run Web Meetings And Collaborate With Colleagues
Easy-to-use interactive application/desktop sharing, chat, polling, and live video of presenter on every participant's computer, puts you in a fully collaborative work environment without leaving your desk or home.


WebCast allows you to broadcast your presentation live to thousands of participants worldwide via the internet. ConferTel’s WebCast is simple, it’s easy and it’s the perfect solution for earnings reports, company announcements, marketing presentations, distance training, etc. to groups of over 35 people.            

Managed Webinar Service