Call Center View Software 

Poltys CCView is the perfect solution that gives the ability to track and control Panasonic telephony system usage, helping to make correct decisions. It provides a web interface that is easy to use and access, without installing any application on the user’s PC.


REAL-TIME MONITORING gives information about calls in progress - duration, ring time, transfer, hold, overflow, queue, agent status, user status and call monitor/ barge-in.

LIVE ACD STATISTICS brings a quick overview of real-time call statistics, detailed metrics for departments and entire telephone system using the intuitive and customizable dashboards. Threshold alarms can be set on Counters and Timers.

CALL LOG provides all the data regarding inbound and outbound calls with advanced searching and filtering capabilities.

REPORTING provides historical data, organized to get the best overall view over the statistics and performance. It provides a set of predefined reports and the ability to design new reports that will help you to always get the exact data you need.

DIAL OUT NOTIFICATION monitors special numbers and sends automatic alerts directly on the Panasonic phones every time those numbers are dialed out. For example, if 911 urgency number is dialed, the appropriate staff receives notification.


Call Acounting feature included in CCView, allows you to create a variety of historical call reports. By configuring the cost per minute/second you can generate various cost report at line, extension or user level. You can now configure PIN and budget limit for each user of the PBX system, e.g. PIN 2233 – $140, PIN 4453 – $200, etc. If the PIN budget is exceeded, the call gets disconnected and no further outgoing calls are possible.


You no longer need to redo reports from multiple telephony sites to see all the activity within your organization. Multiple different Panasonic PBXs that are networked together can be monitored with CCView.


  • Informal Contact Centers

  • Education Centers

  • Banks / Financial Institutions

  • Technical Support Divisions

  • Fund Raising and Volunteer Organizations

  • Government Agencies

  • Health Care Information

  • Insurance Companies

  • Mortgage Companies…and many more


  • Very suitable for any type of businesses that use Panasonic PBXs

  • Provide all information you need whenever is required by just a few clicks

  • Strongest reliability by the highest integration with Panasonic telephony system

  • One year of free support services included within initial purchase

  • Monitor unlimited number of trunks and extensions

  • Increased functionality by add-ons (recording, enhanced productivity, fraud protection, queue announcer with callback)

  • Increase Agents' efficiency

  • Improve Customer service levels

  • Fast response to customer needs

  • Proactive Management

  • Increase productivity

  • Keep you in control of telephony cost


CCView Key Features:

  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-NS/ TDE/ NCP/ TDA PBX series

  • Web based user interface

  • Multiple Supervisors with their own layouts and filters

  • Real-time call activity monitoring

  • Full PBX live ACD statistics, reports and call logging

  • Enhanced management of statistic counters and timers

  • Multiple predefined report templates

  • Call accounting, billing and budgeting

  • Send notifications to Supervisors regarding what special phone number was dialed out

  • Security password levels

  • Connect to multiple Panasonic IP-PBXs simultaneously

  • Multi-language support

  • Increased functionality by add-ons (recording, enhanced productivity, fraud protection, queue announcer with callback)

Sample Reports