Best Business Phones started business in 1984.  At that time, many businesses were renting phone equipment from the phone company.  Remember Pacific Telephone and GTE?  Back then, we were selling and servicing the 1A2 electro-mechanical phone systems with the thick cable and push down buttons with light bulbs.  Well, as we all know, the telephone industry has taken many turns and jumped many leaps and bounds since then.

Accordingly, we have been providing equipment and services for our constantly growing family of customers ever since.  We refer to our customers as family, because we have been doing business with many of them since long before we had families of our own.  Many of our original customers have been upgrading their systems and growing their businesses right along with us. Customer Testimonials
When a customer needs us, we have always been there to help.  We know that it is always a better experience to talk with someone who actually knows you and is completely familiar with your system.  By maintaining close dealer relationships with the manufacturers we represent, and by being certified on all systems we sell, we are assured of always having access to up to date technical support and product developments.

We are a California Licensed Contractor (#678407), and Fully Insured.
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